Space Data Center 2.0 Meeting – deep dive on high collision risk in geosynchronous orbit

7th November

9:30am – 12pm

Eutelsat HQ

70 rue Balard, 75015 Paris, France

Knowing the likelihood of collision for satellites operating in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) is of extreme importance and interest to the operators and the wider global community. After careful analysis, the SDA Executive Members along with their Chief Technology Advisor AGI, have come to the conclusion that a non-negligible and inadequately mitigated debris collision risk exists. At last month’s International Astronautics Congress (IAC) the SDA published a jointly-authored technical paper which provides a detailed study of the geostationary orbit collision risk. This paper comprehensively describes the analyses performed which led to conclusion that the collision risk is up to four orders of magnitude higher than indicated by some previous studies. Additionally, collisions at GEO are more likely to generate debris due to higher closing velocities than previously understood. At this session the authors of the paper will present the technical analysis and how these risks can be effectively managed.

Attendance is free, but you must register before 3rd November to attend.

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