SDA – AGI Space Data Center 2.0 Info Session/Webinar, Thursday 1st June 2017

Thursday June 1st, 2017
9am CET/3am EDT   or   4pm CET/10am EDT

On Thursday June 1st, we will be hosting a joint webinar in partnership with Analytical Graphics Inc. (AGI). The webinar is open to both existing and prospective members and will offer an overview of the current space environment plus more information about SDC 2.0 (Space Data Center).

To cater for global members, there will be two sessions of the workshop at separate times on June 1st. The first session will take place at 9am CET (3am EDT), and the second at 4pm CET (10am EDT). Please be sure to choose the correct time when registering.

Registration is now open via the AGI website which can be accessed here.

What to expect from the webinar

Recent estimates and analyses have shown that the collision risk at GEO is significantly higher than had been previously thought. That, combined with identified gaps in both current capabilities and data accuracy, presents a situation in which these risks cannot be effectively managed. Operational warnings received today are often un-actionable. The webinar will describe how SDC 2.0 has been specifically designed to provide capabilities to address these challenges.

Attendees will also receive an overview of the technical capabilities of SCD 2.0. To further explain the need for a more sophisticated solution, we will discuss current issues impacting on the space environment and why we think SDC 2.0 will help solve them.

The webinar will also detail important information such as when and how the SDC 2.0 will be rolled out, the commitments required from member operators, and the next steps in educating your teams about the new Space Data Center.

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