12th Annual Military Space Situational Awareness

26th – 27th April 2017
London, UK

This year’s highly anticipated event will focus specifically on key situational awareness challenges in an increasingly contested, congested and competitive space.

Delegates will hear innovative presentations by leading industry and military figures, working with active projects aiming to enhance Space Domain Awareness for the international community, on their current requirements and capabilities within the armed forces. Covering solutions for the future and how to develop ways in which projects and programs can produce better results.

Key focuses:

  • National updates on SSA
  • Command and control
  • Space weather
  • Traffic management
  • Optical and imaging sensors

Benefits of attending:

  • Hear from new countriesseeking to develop their space programmes such as Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands and many more
  • Learn from leading nationssuch as USA, UK, France, Germany and Canada, on how they continue to enhance space security through Space Domain Awareness technologies
  • Discuss key topicsthat affect space situational awareness; from space-borne sensors to effective information management systems
  • Gain a unique insightin to the challenges we face beyond our atmosphere and how the armed forces and industry are striving to overcome them

Register by:

  • 16thDecember to save £400
  • 31stJanuary to save £200
  • 28thFebruary to save £100

Register online at: www.military-space.com/spacedata

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