SDA Overview

The Space Data Association (SDA) is a formal, non-profit association of satellite operators that supports the controlled, reliable and efficient sharing of data that is critical to the safety and integrity of satellite operations. The SDA offers:

  • An association that directly supports your operations; founded by satellite operators
  • An operational data exchange to help ensure the safety of your operations
  • Technical support to help secure the integrity of your operations
  • Shared costs that optimize your participation and reduce individual costs

The SDA’s charter is to seek and facilitate improvements in the safety and integrity of satellite operations through wider and improved coordination among satellite operators and to facilitate improved management of the shared resources of the space environment and the RF spectrum.

The SDA was formed in 2009 by Inmarsat, Intelsat and SES to share data. In April 2010, Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) won the contract to design and operate the Space Data Center, SDA’s automated space situational awareness system designed to reduce the risks of on-orbit collisions and radio frequency interference. Initial Space Data Center operations began in July, and full capabilities were online April 2011.

Who can join the SDA?

SDA membership is open to all owners and operators responsible for the control and operations of in-orbit satellites. Join today!

SDA members receive secure access to accurate information, trusted assessments with transparent processes, validated techniques and diverse data sources.