SDA Directors


SDA Chairman and Executive Director,

After completing a Ph.D. in High Energy Astrophysics (University of Durham) in 1997, Mark joined the Vega Group as a software engineer working on various defence and space systems. In 2000 Mark joined the Satellite Operations department at Inmarsat as part of a team developing its new satellite control system. In 2005 he became manager of the Satellite Operators Support Group and in 2009 became the Director of Satellite Operations. In 2013 he was appointed Vice President of Satellite Operations. In this role he is responsible for the operation of Inmarsat’s fleet of geostationary telecommunication satellites, as well part of the team defining the specifications and following the development of Inmarsat’s future satellites.

Mark represents Inmarsat at the Space Data Association (SDA) and is currently its Chairman. The SDA is a non-profit association that brings together satellite operators who value controlled, reliable and efficient data-sharing critical to the safety and integrity of the space environment and RF spectrum. The SDA was founded by commercial satellite operators for the benefit of the satellite community.


SDA Executive Director,

Mark Rawlins is the head of Payload Engineering and Operations for Eutelsat. In that position, he is responsible for customer support and communications system management for all service commercialized by Eutelsat. Starting with British Telecom, he has experience in payload operations for more than 25 years of which the last 20 have been with Eutelsat. Previously, at British Telecom, he had been involved in terrestrial and satellite television delivery systems.

Jean-Luc Froeliger

SDA Executive Director,

Jean-Luc Froeliger oversees the operation and engineering of more than 70 geostationary satellites that Intelsat currently operates in his role as Vice President, Intelsat Satellite Operations and Engineering

He has been with Intelsat for 26 years, serving in a variety of satellite program management and leadership roles. Prior to his current role, Mr. Froeliger was Intelsat’s Senior Director of Space Systems Acquisition, where he was responsible for overseeing the development, production and launch of all satellites procured by Intelsat.

Before joining Intelsat he served as a Systems Engineer with Airbus Germany.


SDA Executive Director,

Chris Grogan is the Senior Vice President of Customer Service Delivery at SES and is responsible for the Payload Management and Network Operations teams who support all customer services carried across SES’ global satellite and terrestrial networks. He has over 25 years experience in the telecommunications industry and has held a number of satellite operations and engineering roles over the last 15 years with both NEW SKIES and SES.


SDA Standard Member Director,

Phil Wadey is Head of Space, SKYNET Programme, Airbus Defence and Space. He is also a Standard Member Director of the Space Data Association (SDA), where he is responsible for outlining best practices for the safety of flight. He joined the SKYNET programme in 1992 as attitude and orbit control advisor to the NATO IVB launch, and has worked in spacecraft design, engineering, and operations. On privatisation in 2003, he became the Spacecraft Management Authority for the SKYNET constellation and is also responsible for bringing new space and ground assets into service.


SDA Standard Member Director,

Erika Rossetto is leader of flight dynamics for Star One. She coordinates orbital operations of Star One fleet, including space surveillance. She is responsible for specification of flight dynamics and orbital system control for upcoming satellites and follow-up such issues during satellite programs. She is developing research in orbital debris in collaboration with researchers of Brazilian national observatory and federal university of Rio de Janeiro.

SDA Technical Advisers


SDC Operations Manager,

Dr. T.S. Kelso serves as technical program manager for AGI’s Center for Space Standards & Innovation (CSSI). He brings nearly 30 years’ experience in space education, research, analysis, acquisition, development, operations and consulting with organizations such as: Air Force Space Command Space Analysis Center (ASAC); NASA’s Near-Earth Object Science Definition Team; Air Force Chief of Staff’s SPACECAST 2020 and Air Force 2025 future studies; and the Air Force Satellite Control Network.


SDC Mission Assurance Manager,

Dan Oltrogge serves as senior research astrodynamist for AGI’s CSSI. Before joining CSSI, Oltrogge worked as a lead systems engineer for SkySentry and as senior analyst and CEO of 1Earth Research, LLC, which he co-founded in 2003. Oltrogge has 25 years of experience in satellite collision avoidance, radio frequency interference and small satellite operations.

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