Committees and Working Groups

The SDA is made up of a number of committees and working groups, working to provide our members with the best products in data sharing and operational best practices, and ensuring continued support and action for ongoing initiatives. We encourage members to get involved, therefore should you wish to participate in any of these working groups, or if you have an idea of a group not currently covered, please do get in touch with Mark Rawlins.

The SDA currently comprises these committees:

Radio Frequency Interference

This committee’s main role is to ensure the defined enhancements are delivered, as well as recommending new enhancements to advance the prevention or resolution of RFI events.

The committee is led by Mark Rawlins of Eutelsat.

Flight Dynamics

This committee is focused on enhancing Flight Dynamics, improving the analysis and solutions provided to members.

The committee is led by Erika de Souza Rossetto of Star One.


The Membership committee identifies, solicits, and enrols new members. It also creates, updates, and presents membership materials as necessary.

The committee is led by Chris Grogan of SES.

Government Liaison

The aim of this committee is to develop and maintain relationships with government entities that allow for data sharing agreements, enhacing space situational awareness.

The committee is led by Ron Busch of Intelsat.

Product Development

This group defines and creates requirements for new products that the SDA should participate in.

The committee is led by John Mackey of Inmarsat.


The operations committee defines and updates operational processes for members / participants to interact with the SDA. It also enforces process use by SDA members.

The committee is led by Phil Wadey of Paradigm.

SDA members receive secure access to accurate information, trusted assessments with transparent processes, validated techniques and diverse data sources.